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You know how I have been talking for months about launching a new blog? Well Blog Me Lovely has finally launched and has a few posts up! I am so excited about this new venture. I am thinking of keeping up with both blogs now that I am getting back in the swing of things!


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What do you think of the new blog? Let me know in the comments below!

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Looking Back - What I Learned in 2014

I learned so much in 2014. It was a year full of major changes and I am very grateful for that.


I learned it is okay to put yourself first – I started the year by asking for a divorce. Then after working a new job in the field I wanted for three months I quit. I can only take so much. I had to put myself and my well being first. Some may think it is selfish, I think it is absolutely necessary. My health depends on it. When I don’t take the time to put myself first I get overwhelmed and stressed, and I can make myself sick. When I put myself first and take time for myself to recharge I am much happier and a much better person to be around.


I learned it is okay to say no – Sometimes I take on too much because I have an issue with saying no. I don’t want to disappoint anyone, I want to make everyone happy. But stretching myself too thin is of no good to anyone. I need to work on this one, because while I have come to realize it is true I still have trouble putting it to practice. I need to start standing up for myself when I need alone time or time to recharge.


I learned the only one limiting my success is myself – I am a huge procrastinator. I am afraid of success as much as failure. I am afraid of the time it will take to achieve my goals will interfere with my relationships. I am afraid that not only will I but others will think less of me if I fail. These are some of the reasons I procrastinate. These are fears I need to overcome in order to achieve my goals. I have wasted precious time sitting around doing nothing rather than working to make myself better. I am the only one standing in my way. Year 2015 is the year I make an effort to get out of my own way.


What did you learn in 2014? Let me know in the comments below!

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Why I Started Blogging, and you should too!

I have had several attempts at blogging since the end of 2010. But none of them ever seem to stick. I would get really good and blog regularly but at one point I kind of just fell off the face of the earth. Whether I thought of a better name or I wanted to go in a new direction, nothing ever seemed good enough. Nothing ever seemed like a good fit.

So I relaunched Peace Love Sequins at the beginning of this year with the intention of becoming a successful blogger. Now success means different things to different people, so here is what I consider a success. I want to brush up on my coding skills and code my own layout (Completed, even though a few things need fixing), I want to create my own online shop to go with my blog, I want to make new connections (I am generally a shy person, it seems a little easier online), I want to be a contributing part of the blogging community, and I would love to have a supplementary income (whether it comes from sponsors, an online shop or freelancing design or social media services).

I think all of those are pretty reasonable goals, but here is the thing. Once again I have not put in the work to make that happen. I had the perfect time too, when I was out of a job for two months. Funny thing is, those two months were probably my quietest months this year! Strange how that works out.

So this November I committed to National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). It started off pretty good, but then my efforts started to slip. So this is what I realized, I need to get back to why I started blogging in the first place.

I originally started blogging back in 2010 because I wanted a way to get my voice out there. I wanted a creative outlet , I wanted the opportunity to learn skills that weren’t being taught in school and have the opportunity to build my resume,and ultimately I wanted to connect with people who share my passions, who share the craziness of wanting to blog.

I plan on sharing more personal or more though thought provoking posts on this blog than in the past. I will still share awesome outfits and shopping posts, because I am a little fashion obsessed even if my wardrobe doesn’t always show that.


Here is to getting back to blogging for the right reasons! And why you should start a blog!


1. Use it as a creative outlet. Do you like to write, draw, craft, etc.? Share them online. Or just use it as a personal journal. There are many bloggers who blog to share stories about college adventures, traveling, their pets, their kids and even being a military wife. The possibilities are endless.

2. It will improve your writing. To be better at anything you must practice. Blogging is a way of putting your thoughts down on “paper”. Most don’t go in to blogging with the intention of improving their writing, but it just naturally happens. Actually, some people have creative writing blogs. I’ve even seen someone blog a “book”, one chapter each blog post.

3. You’ll meet new people. You can meet a ton of new people through blogging. People you may have never met otherwise. The great thing about blogging is it connects you with people all over the world. You may even have the chance to go to a blogger event or a blogging conference and meet the amazing people you interact with online in person! The blogging community as a whole is such a supportive and encouraging community. We all want each other to succeed.

4. It’s free. Starting on Blogger or on the hosted WordPress site is completely free. So you have nothing to lose!

5. You feel great when you receive a positive comment. When someone connects with what you write and is supportive and/or relates with you, it is such a great feeling.

6. You might be able to make extra money. Not everyone makes money blogger, and in fact not everyone wants to make money from their blog. But it is an option. There are many ways to create a supplemental income and many sites to provide you with tips!

7. It will make you more confident. When you publish a blog post, it is out there for the world to see. That takes a lot of courage. And if you have a personal blog and share your life, that takes even more confidence and courage. It helps you build confidence because you realize that you have a unique view on life that is worthwhile to other.s


Do you blog? Why did you start? Let me know in the comments below!

Lindsey Aleson Photography

I have decided to relaunch my photography shop! I want to start using my camera again and I would love to share my favorites with you!

I have chosen to sell on Society 6 because I can offer art prints, framed prints, canvas prints, cards, iPhone cases and skins, pillows, and so much more.

I would love if you check out my shop Lindsey Aleson Photography. I would also appreciate a like if there is a print you particular like.

Do you have a Society 6 account? Leave your link in the comments. I would love to check it out and show support!

It is pretty obvious that I love fashion illustrations and paintings because of my previous posts Fashionable Paintings and Paper Fashion. But I would like to add another very talented illustrator to the list: Daphne van den Heuvel. Her website features her fashion designs as well as her illustrations, many of which are fashion related.

I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

Daphne van den Heuvel

Illustration of Brigitte Bardot
Illustrations 2012

Daphne van den Heuvel

Illustrations 2011: Iekeline Stange

Daphne van den Heuvel

The Jane Birkin Illustrations

Isn’t she incredibly talented? Check out the rest of her work by visiting her website

What is your favorite piece of her work? Let me know in the comments below.


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