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Did you know that I have a tattoo? I have just one small tattoo, behind my right ear. It is a moon and a star and it is teal. It was a total impulse. I must admit that sometimes I wish I hadn’t got it. Or at least would have thought it out way more that I did. Do I regret getting it? Of course not. It is small, and it comes with a great memory.

I was in Ohio visiting my dad, step-mom and brothers. My step-mom and I were driving home one day and I mentioned that I was thinking of getting a tattoo. She mentioned that her and my dad have a great tattoo artist that they get all their work done from. So she called and made me an appointment for the very next day!

Outlining the Star

Finished Tattoo

I did not think about it as much as I should have. The next day came so fast. I knew where I wanted my tattoo. Behind the ear is great because it is easily concealable, you only see it if I have my hair up. It is funny actually, I had worn my hair down for so many days straight that one day I moved my hair and saw something in the mirror. I freaked out for a second before I realized that I had a tattoo. I totally forgot about it! It surprising did not hurt too bad. And I would definitely get another one.

But this time, I think I would like to try them out first. I am so glad there are temporary tattoos out there now. Not the kid ones, but some pretty amazing ones. I have picked 10 temporary tattoos that I would like to try.

Birds of a Feather Temporary Tattoo

Birds of a Feather Temporary Tattoo from Inkwear

Temporary Tattoo: Quote Dreamcatcher

Temporary Tattoo: Quote Dreamcatcher from Blue Hazelwood

Lace Eyelids

Temporary Makeup Lace Eyelids from CCLstore
I would not actually get this, but it would be fun to try it out

Flying Dandelion Temporary Tattoo

Flying Dandelion Temporary Tattoo from Maomao Creation

Waterproof Temporary Tattoo - Three Little Birds

Waterproof Temporary Tattoo – Three Little Birds from TTTattoo

Heart Temporary Tattoo

Heart Temporary Tattoo from happytatts

15 Little Birds Flying Temporary Tattoos

15 Little Birds Flying Temporary Tattoo from TattooMint

Feather Temporary Tattoo

Feather Temporary Tattoo from Joelles Emporium

Antlers Temporary Tattoo

Antlers Temporary Tattoo from Tattify

3D Flying Butterfly Temporary Tattoo

3D Flying Butterfly Temporary Tattoo from Maomao Creation

Do you have any tattoos? Have you tried temporary tattoos?

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I love collecting pictures, magazine articles, advertisements, etc. for inspiration. I used to have a cork board that I used as an mood board for those type of things. Since I am living at my grandparents and do not have my office space set up, I do not have my normal inspiration board.

At my old job, I had so much fun creating mood boards like this. I would scour the internet for inspiration, print them out and arrange them so I could see all the beautiful and inspiring images visually put together. It looks great and keeps my inspiration in sight so I don’t have to go searching. Or forgetting! I tend to forget things quite often so making sure something is visual and right in front of my eyes is always a great thing!

Inspiration Board

Since I’ve been stuck inside job hunting lately, I have been in need of some major outdoor inspiration. So I went to UnSplash to look through some great photography. If you haven’t heard of UnSplash, then you should definitely check it out. They have a great collection of photography that you can use for whatever you want! It is great if you need some images for your blog!


Do you create inspiration boards? What type of images are you drawn to?

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August Goals

I cannot believe it is already August! This year is going by incredibly fast. It is officially half over! I take a look at the things I have done (and not done) so far this year and I have decided that I need to end this year with a bang! I need to really buckle down and start working towards my goals.



1. Post more frequently. Does one extra post than June count? I did not post as frequently as I had hoped. I really want to focus more on this one.

2. Find a job! No job yet, but I feel like I am getting closer. I have sent out resumes like crazy (even redesigned my resume) and I have had a few interviews recently. So I am keeping my fingers that I land one of the jobs. It would be nice to start working again. I must admit that most of my energy this past month has been job hunting related.

3. Start a design shop. Have not made as much progress as I wanted. I have designed the website/blog theme now I just need to code it. I also need to start designing the stuff I actually plan to put in the shop! That is kind of important!

4. Start exercising. This one is a complete and utter fail. Maybe this month?



1. Be more active in the blogging community. I want to post more frequently, respond to comments more quickly and comment on other blogs more often. I think the best part about blogging is the community and I want to be more active and involved.

2. Find a job! This is the month that I not only need to but I must find a job. This marks me being unemployed for two months and needless to say I did not have the savings to back up my decision of quitting my previous job. For personal reasons it was still the right thing to do but not I am just a tad stressed. I know things will work out if I continue to work hard so that is my plan. Just keep working hard.

3. Start a design shop. I have designed the website/blog layout, now it is just time to code and launch. I am very excited about this project and I am hoping to get it up by the end of this month. That is my goal and I am going to work extremely hard to make that happen.


What are your goals for August? Share in the comments below!

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Have you ever wondered which keywords are bringing visitors to your blog? Well I was curious so I went into Google Analytics to find out.

How Are People Finding My Blog

1. Mango Fashion Painting
2. Taylor Swift Style 2014
3. Marilyn Monroe Black and White
4. Hilary Duff Style 2014
5. 10 Quotes That Can Change
6. A Word for Peace and Brave
7. Anthropologie Fringed Floral Wrap
8. Art Wolfe Patterns
9. Blog Post Sequins
10. Fashion Paintings


Have you ever checked which keywords bring visitors to your blog?

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I have always been fascinated with computers, even since I was 11 years old and built my first one. I enjoy coding and designing and the whole realm on social media. But sometimes it is just nice to take a step back from the screen and write in a notebook. I believe that your mind and creativity work differently when you bring a pen to paper than when you are typing away on the computer.

I have too many notebooks to count. They are laying all over my room and are filled with a variety of thoughts. Some are journals, some are notes, some are just a mixture of both. I have a weakness when I see a pretty notebook.

So here is a round-up of pretty notebooks to write down your thoughts!

Pretty Paper - Pretty Notebooks

1. Feather Journal, $14.99 *
2. Kate Spade New York Spiral Notebook, $14.00 *
3. Jardin Des Plantes Journals, $16.00 *
4. Be Filled With Joy Notebook, $14.95
5. Christian Lacroix Cordoba Journal, $24.00 *
6. Smythson Bright Ideas Notebook, $60.00 *
7. Rifle Paper Co. Rorschach Notebook Set, $15.00 *
8. Floral Stripe Fabric String Bound Journal, $14.95

Do you use notebooks? What pretty notebook is your favorite?


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