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I will admit that I am not as fashion conscience as I should be. I don’t pay attention to if something is vegan, organic, sustainable or fair trade. I don’t even keep up with the philosophy or company culture of many big fashion retailers. Although I have recently become aware of Urban Outfitters selling a t-shirt that said “Eat Less” which has stirred up all kinds of controversy.

So I decided to search for an ethical source for clothing. Sometimes it is hard, you get organic and sustainable and immediately picture something like a potato sack. Or at least I do. So when I came across Fashion Conscience, I was thrilled to find not only cute clothing, shoes and bags but also many at affordable prices.

Fashion Conscience is based in the UK but they ship to the United States, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil and of course the UK. They began in 2007 and believe in sourcing ethical clothing for stylish women.

Fashion Conscience - Vegan

1. Vegan Jodie Zip Strappy Tote Shoulder Bag, $105.61
2. Vegan Triple Buckle Over the Knee Boots, $100.33
3. Vegan Kaye Fold Detail Hand Bag, $105.61
4. Vegan Patent Court Heel, $40.62
5. Vegan Flat Cut Out Shoes, $36.39
6. Vegan Marina Heeled Ankle Boots, $105.61
7. Vegan PIA Rucksack, $97.48
8. Vegan Flo Diamante Strap Biker Boots, $85.30

Fashion Conscience - Sustainable

1. Marielle Fair Trade Clutch Handbag, $121.85
2. Fairtrade Sustainable Ribbed Knit Dress, $121.85
3. Petra Semi Sheer Cropped Go Green Eco Vest, $45.49
4. Lizy Fair Trade Sustainable Leggings, $48.74
5. Sustainable Brass Arrows Bracelet, $27.62
6. Yellowed Heeled Vegan Shoe Boots, $373.68
7. Fair Trade Leather Knitted Tab Shopper Bag, $268.08
8. Sustainable Hammered Brass and Copper Necklace, $30.87

Fashion Conscience - Fair Trade

1. Fair Trade African Print Round Neck Jacket, $91.39
2. Fair Trade Labyrinth Ring Silver, $24.37
3. Fairtrade Threaded Arrow Earrings, $26.00
4. Fair Trade Large Pocket Cotton Bag, $121.85
5. Fairly Made Dip Hem Stag Dress Top, $64.58
6. Fair Trade Arama Poncho, $121.85
7. Pris Tan Sandals, $84.48
8. Fairly Made Bustier Aztec Heart Pencil Dress, $67.02

If you are passionate about being fashion conscience, then you have some pretty great options! I was surprised by how stylish the pieces were on the site. The prices aren’t to bad either. I did throw in some pretty expensive stuff, but overall the prices is very reasonable.

What is your favorite piece? Let me know in the comments below.

The last and final day in Nashville was jam packed up until we went to the airport.

Loveless Cafe Sign

Loveless Cafe

We went to Loveless Café for an early lunch. We both tried the fried chicken and it was delicious! The biscuits were some of the best ones I’ve tried.

Country Music Hall of Fame Selfie

The next stop was The Country Music Hall of Fame!

     Country Music Hall of Fame Wall       Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees

     Wall of Gold Records       More Gold Records

     Guitar Slide       Guitar Slide

Honor Thy Music

In the museum there was a Hatch Show Print. The amount of letterpress supplies was astonishing. I could not believe my eyes! They were printing some posters while we were there, but they did not want any photographs of posters being made so while it was cool to watch I have no pictures to share.

Hatch Show Print Shop

Hatch Show Print

We could not go to the Country Music Hall of Fame and not go on the RCA Studio B Tour. It was amazing being in the building where so many hits were recorded. Much of the original equipment was still there. Did you now that Elvis recorded more than half of his entire collection at Studio B?

RCA Studio B Piano and Drums

     RCA Studio B Recording Studio       RCA Studio B Microphone

     Piano Keys       RCA Studio B Piano

RCA Studio B Tour

The piano is the original piano that Elvis used. He would come to the studio at around 11 PM and sit around the piano singing gospel music until he was ready to record. Normally the studio had four sessions a day, but since Elvis is practically the reason RCA Studio B existed he could do pretty much whatever he wanted.

I had such a blast in Nashville and I am going to make it a point to go back. But this trip let me check something (or a few things) off my bucket list.

What is one city on your bucket list that you want to visit? Why?

Days three and four of the trip we completely dedicated to wedding duties. The wedding was on Saturday, and after having nice but hot weather our whole trip, it decided to storm. The wedding almost had to be moved outside, but luckily it cleared up. From these pictures, you would have never known it poured!

The Hermitage

Day five we started bright and early and headed to The Hermitage, home of president Andrew Jackson. The property was much larger than I expected. While I could not take pictures inside the house, I did get quite a few of the grounds.

     The Hermitage       The Hermitage Front

     The Hermitage Slave Cabin       The Hermitage Original House

     Cotton       The Hermitage Bell

The Hermitage View

     Andrew Jackson Grave       Amazing Tombstone

The Hermitage Selfie

Next we headed to the Grand Ole Opry for lunch and a tour. We unfortunately ran out of time to explore the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, it was huge and we probably could have spent a whole day or two exploring it.

Grand Ole Opry Guitar

Grand Ole Opry House Doors

      Grand Ole Opry Selfie       Grand Ole Opry Stage Circle

Grand Ole Opry House Mailboxes

View of the Stage

The Grand Ole Opry tour was so cool. We went backstage and saw the sound stage, mailboxes for members, dressing rooms (there is no room 13 they are superstitious), the green room and we actually got to stand on the stage and see the circle that was taken from the original building. The circle makes it possible for artists to stand where all the great ones did.

Bluebird Selfie

The reason we didn’t have time to explore the hotel, was because we were headed to The Bluebird Café (where Taylor Swift and many others were discovered)! We waited an hour and a half to get in to see the early show.

The Bluebird Cafe Interior

We had great seats! The place was pretty small, it only held about 80 people so really any seat would have been decent. But we were front and center!

      Sarah Potenza       Sarah Potenza

Sarah Potenza performed and she was amazing. She had such a big voice and man could she use it! She was also very sweet and appreciative. I would love to see her perform again.

After The Bluebird Café we headed to the Tennessee State Fair to kill an hour or two. It was kind of of small compared to the Orange County Fair but it was still fun. I got to hold a baby hedgehog and a baby flying squirrel!

     Holding a Flying Squirrel       Holding a Baby Hedgehog

We ended out last night by going downtown to line dance. Well to our dismay the ONLY bar that does line dancing in downtown Nashville was closed for a private party. Oh and Blake Shelton was performing, you could see him through the window. I would have loved to get a closer look! So we ended up bar hopping and went to The Stage, Legends and Tootsies. It was a fun night. Live music at all the bars and none of them were bad! Tootsies had a different band on each floor! Downtown Nashville is a such a fun scene. I definitely want to go back.

The Stage

Are there great live music bars in your town? What would you recommend?

Day two of the trip was packed with visiting the Parthenon, Music Row, downtown Franklin and an 80s themed bachelorette party.

Parthenon Selfie

Did you know there is an exact replica of the Parthenon in Nashville? I was so surprised. It is an exact replica no only is appearance but in size as well. It was huge and just placed randomly in a park.

Parthenon Detail

     Parthenon Gate       Parthenon Columns

After the Parthenon, we went to Music Row. It is where all the music business buildings are located. Many of them are just in what look like ordinary houses. It is such a cute area.

Big Machine Records

In front of Big Machine Records, Taylor Swift’s record label. Since Jaime and I are HUGE Taylor Swift fans, we just had to see here record label. Oh and stop by a big sign with her new single on it! Oh and some guy was looking at us like we were crazy. But when in Nashville, we do crazy tourist stuff!

Taylor Swift Sign

Mid afternoon we left Nashville and headed south to a little historic town called Franklin. It was full of cute shops and restaurants. It was a quick visit since she had a bridal shoot to do.

     Merridee's Table       Merridee's Breadbasket

We ate lunch at Merridee’s Breadbasket. I loved the old table we sat at. It was covered in old receipts. Made for an interesting pattern. I tried a Molasses Cookie while I was there. It was so good. Tasted like gingerbread but was softer and chewier.

Watching Jaime shoot the bridals was so much fun. They were done at an old house that was decorated like you would see in an old movie. To check out the bridals and wedding pictures, visit Jaime Davis Photography. There are some pretty amazing shots.

To end the night, we were invited to the bachelorette party. It was an 80s themed bowling night!

80s Night Bachelorette Party

Have you even visited Franklin, Tennessee?


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